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Chicken Caesar salad





8.30AM -2.00PM MON - FRI


H.A.L.O2U MENU 11th – 17th Dec 0420632818

Please note we will be closed 22nd Dec – Jan 8th 2018

Soups/salads/Lunch Ideas

Chicken and veg soup                       $3.50 small   $4.50 large (GF)

Beef and veg soup                            $3.50 small   $4.50 large *

Chicken Caesar salad                        $7.50 small $9.00 large (GF) *

Tuna nicoise salad                            $7.50 small $9.00 large (GF) *

Baked potato (or sweet potato)        $7.50 small $8.50 with coleslaw (GF)  

Ham or chicken salad box                 $7.00 small $8.50 large (GF)*

Lettuce, beetroot, cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion

Quiche                                             $5.50 no salad $7.50 with side salad*

Rice paper rolls                                $6.50(GF)*

Choose from chicken, prawn and salmon

Pumpkin and feta risotto cakes        $6.50 (GF)

Corn beef fritters                             $7.50 (GF available on request)

Menu favourites              

Curried sausages with rice                      $9.50Large $7.50 small

Rissoles with veg and gravy                     $9.50Large $7.50 small $14.50 family (GF)*

Roast of the day (chicken, lamb or pork) $9.50Large $7.50 small (GF)*

Corned beef veg, mash & mustard sauce  $9.50Large $7.50 small (GF)*

Salmon fish cakes with veg                      $10.50Large $8.50 single (GF)

Beef Lasagne                                          $10.50Large $8.50 small (GF on request)

Spaghetti bolognaise                               $10.50Large $8.50 small (GF on request)

Plain Omelette                                       $4.50      .50c per filling (GF)*

Choose from, ham, cheese, onion, mushroom, spinach, tomato

Just vegetables                                       $8.00Large $6.00 small (GF)*



This Weeks specials

Lamb rissoles with veg                                    $10.50Large $8.50 small (GF)*                            Coconut pork curry (rice or veg)                    $10.50Large $8.50small (GF)*

Hoisin chicken stir fry                                       $10.50Large $8.50small (GF) *

Almond fish with veg                                        $10.50Large $8.50small (GF)*

Pickled pork with veg                                       $10.50Large $8.50small (GF)*

Chicken cabonara with fettucine                       $10.50Large $8.50small (GF on request)

Crumbed steak with veg & gravy                       $12.50Large $10.50small


Sweet things

Muffins                                             $3.00        Peach trifle     $4.50

Rum balls  (6pk)                              $5.00        Bread & butter pudding with custard $4.50


  • * Indicates meals that are diabetic friendly
  • Meals can have mash or sweet potato
  •  Family meals do not include vegetables

Call Dawn 0420632818 to pre order for next day delivery. You can order meals without rice or swap for veg no extra charge. If you have a veg choice please state at time of ordering. Please advise of allergies or if you are diabetic or require Gluten free/Dairy free meals. Minimum order for delivery is $20.00 delivery charge of $3.00 apply and is afternoon only. Deliveries under $20.00 incur a $5.00 fee plus $3.00 delivery charge


99 Mooney Street


 Townsville 4812                                               

www.halo2utownsville.com  h.a.l.o2utownsville@gmail.com


Healthier Way to Take away

Spinach stuffed meat loaf with homemade tomato sauce

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Sarah Shilton | Reply 27.11.2017 09.58

Always fresh,yummy and delivered promptly,thanks Dawn !

June Parry | Reply 02.09.2017 00.44

Love the chicken carby, Dawn.

June Parry | Reply 19.08.2017 20.58

I just want to say, the pea and ham soup from last week's menu was the very best I've ever had. Can we have it again soon, Dawn?

bonnita jones | Reply 05.07.2017 20.24

Hi dawn, may I order 3 beef currys please. Bonnita

Morine Kruckow | Reply 26.06.2017 18.14

I would like to order online please, to be delivered on Friday to RSL Villas, Rowes Bay

Lea maria Leoni | Reply 10.05.2017 21.21

Could you send me an order form? please

Dawn Bennett 12.05.2017 05.01

We ask people to email what they would like to order or to call us on 0420632818 if you have any questions

veena | Reply 18.03.2017 13.17

how do i place order online?

Lindy 17.04.2017 16.21

I would like to place an order please.
How do I do that?

Kay ONeil | Reply 17.02.2017 15.48

Can your meals be frozen

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27.11 | 09:58

Always fresh,yummy and delivered promptly,thanks Dawn !

02.09 | 00:44

Love the chicken carby, Dawn.

19.08 | 20:58

I just want to say, the pea and ham soup from last week's menu was the very best I've ever had. Can we have it again soon, Dawn?

05.07 | 20:24

Hi dawn, may I order 3 beef currys please. Bonnita

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